Joliet police looking for group of ATM skimmers

JOLIET, Ill. (WLS) -- Joliet police are looking for a group of ATM skimmers who have been stealing information from a gas station.

Past ATM users heard the news Thursday night.

"I work too hard for my money for someone to be scamming and trying to take my money," said Aisha Jones, ATM user.

Police said in recent weeks the suspects installed skimming devices on two ATMs inside the Delta Sonic. The bogus card readers record users' account information, which the suspects then use to withdraw money at other locations. Police have identified at least 20 victims so far.

Police said the skimmers are likely part of a traveling operation.

"In other cases similar to this, the groups do travel interstate and go to pretty much every jurisdiction to do this crime until they may feel that the police may be on to them," said Det. Jeffrey German, Joliet Police Department.

Investigators said the number of victims is likely to grow, and that this may not be the only location where skimming devices were installed.

If you have any information about the suspects in the surveillance video, contact Joliet police.
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