Rahm Emanuel's motorcade caught driving wrong way down street

CHICAGO (WLS) -- City cameras have caught the mayor's motorcade running red lights again. This time, they recorded Mayor Rahm Emanuel's security detail going the wrong way down a city street.

The mayor has repeatedly promised to put the brakes on his drivers, and repeatedly, they haven't stopped for red lights. Now, city cameras have captured an even more dangerous situation.

On March 21 at 11:45 a.m., one of the two cars that squires Mayor Emanuel around the city not only ran a red light, but it then proceeded to drive on the wrong side of the street, passing several stopped cars in a construction zone. The SUV zooms past eight cars until it's out of camera range.

"I'm not in favor of the cameras but what they've exposed about the mayor's motorcade is dangerous," said Scott Davis, of Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras.

City cameras recorded that scene a little more than an hour before the mayor made an appearance honoring a fallen firefighter.

A week earlier, not far from the mayor's Ravenswood home, the second of the two cars dedicated to the mayor was caught going through a red light at the busy Lake Shore Drive/Belmont interchange. Pedestrian and bicyclists all look on as the car runs red.

In January, the mayor's motorcade was together when the chase car was caught on camera blowing the light near 87th and the Dan Ryan. The Crime in Wrigleyville blog, which first reported the most recent tickets, now refers to the mayor as "Wrong Way Rahm."

All told, the mayor's two-car convoy has racked up five red light tickets in the first three months of the year. That's on top of the nearly three dozen red light and speed camera violations the I-Team has already exposed.

"It's not just a political issue now, this is a safety issue," Davis said.

"He really is undermining the program he so strongly supports," said Mike Brockway, of TheExpiredMeter.com.

After ABC7's first reports aired last May, the mayor promised to put the brakes on his speedy security detail.

"Nobody is above the law. Obey the law. Period. Full stop," Emanuel said in May 2014.

Confronted with new evidence of potentially dangerous driving on the part of his detail, the mayor walked away from reporters on Monday.

Later, a spokesperson for the mayor repeated previous assertions that "safety is paramount" and that Emanuel expects his police bodyguards to obey the rules of the road.

All of the tickets we've reported on have been paid. Mayor Emanuel says he paid last year's tickets out of his own pocket.

As we've reported this story over the past year, many have asked why all of these tickets don't put the mayor's bodyguards' drivers' license at risk.

The law treats violations issued by the cameras like parking tickets, not moving violations. And that means as long as you're willing to pay, you can get as many as you want and keep on driving.

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