Munster High School student stuck, pinned by school bus

MUNSTER, Ind. (WLS) -- A Munster High School student was struck by a school bus and dragged a short distance as the driver made a turn onto school property Friday morning.

Rescue crews had to lift the bus in order to free the 17-year-old boy.

The teen suffered a head injury and possibly a broken arm, police said. He was transported Methodist Northlake Hospital in Gary, Ind. As of 11 a.m., his condition was still unknown.

The student was crossing 35th Street from north to south as the bus, which was headed northbound on Columbia Avenue, made a left turn to drop off students. He was struck just before 7:10 a.m.

"It appears that the bus was turning. The bus had been going northbound on Columbia Avenue and was making a left turn to the property, where it was dropping off students. The student was crossing, it appears, from the north going to the south. The bus was going north and making a left turn, which would have been west onto school property," said Ed Strbjak, Munster Police Department.

Authorities at the scene said none of the students on the bus were hurt in the crash. The 76-year-old bus driver was taken to the hospital to be checked out, to determine if he suffered a medical episode or was impaired in any way.

Investigators plan to examine video from security cameras on the bus and outside the school to figure out what led up to the crash.

School district officials are offering counseling services to any students affected by the accident, and declined to comment until the investigation is complete.

Some parents and others in the community said the intersection where the accident occurred is often busy and congested and they want it made safer.

Anyone who has information pertinent to the investigation should call Munster police at 219-836-6650.
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