Officials: 4 dead in South Shore shooting

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Officials said four people are dead after a shooting at a restaurant in Chicago's South Shore neighborhood.

Police said a male approached the restaurant in the 2700-block of East 75th Street and fired shots around 4 p.m. When officers responded they found two males unresponsive inside Nadia's Fish and Chicken, one male unresponsive outside in back of the restaurant and a fourth male unresponsive in front of the restaurant on South Coles Street. All suffered gunshot wounds.

"It's two people in the restaurant still in there dead. He went in there and shot them two. After he killed them two, he came out and shot my two nephews, and killed my two nephews," said Willamae Jackson, victims' aunts.

Police said the crime scene is large and complex.

Three of the victims were identified by the Cook County Medical examiner as Emmanuel Stokes, 28; Dillon Jackson, 20; and Raheam Jackson, 19. The fourth victim has not yet been identified because the next of kin has not yet been notified.

Dillon Jackson was found dead on the sidewalk. He and his brother Rasheam, who was also killed, had come to see their mother who worked at the restaurant.

"She heard the shots and she knew they had just left. She heard the shots, and she knew they had just left out of there," said Georgia Jackson, victims' grandmother, through tears.

"Whoever did this needs to step up and be accountable for they actions, and get sent up for it before they get hurt on these streets 'cuz somebody's gonna hurt 'em," Willamae said.

"They'd come to get something, to get something to eat for their mom. So they're coming to get something to eat. Whatever happened here, it was at the wrong time, wrong place, I don't know," said Michael Howard, victim's uncle.

The family of the two brothers killed said they did not know the other two victims, who were found inside the restaurant.

Area Central detectives are investigating. No one is currently in custody. The motive for the shooting is unclear.
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