11-year-old boy turns in dad for selling drugs, police say

LAWRENCE, Mass. -- A suspected drug dealer in Massachusetts has been turned in to police by his own son.

The 11-year-old called 911 Wednesday after finding drugs in his dad's luggage. The father later appeared in court in Lawrence.

In court, tearful relatives come to grips with charges against Yamil Mercado, accused of endangering his own son by planning to sell drugs: bags of heroin and fentanyl worth $8,500. Fentanyl is so toxic, even small amounts can be harmful.

The 11-year-old found them in his dad's luggage, but stayed away and called police.

"It is brave, courageous, of him to call us," said Chief James Fitzpatrick, Lawrence Police Department.

"He stated that he known his father, Mr. Mercado, is a drug dealer and has already been convicted of serious charges in the past," an official said in court.

He's been arrested before for drugs and was picked up during a sting operation.

It's not the first time that young boy has chosen the law over his father. A year ago, he called DCF to report his dad for drugs. DCF found none at the time.

Then, Wednesday the child called authorities again.

"He observed the defendant do a drug transaction just after he arrived home from school and is almost 100-percent sure his father, Mr. Mercado, is back in drug sales," an official said.

"I haven't heard of many drug kingpins get evicted from their own apartment, but he is likely the fall guy here," another official said in court.

Father and son moved in with grandma last week, after getting evicted. Mercado was caring for his son after a contested divorce. Despite her grief, Mercado's sister says her nephew did the right thing.

The 11-year-old is now cared for by his grandmother. null