Suburban snow plow drivers strike

LAKE IN THE HILLS, Ill. (WLS) -- Subcontractors who plow the snow in several suburbs are on strike. They said the management company that hired them has not paid them this season.

The subcontractors are not in a union, but say they are united in this cause. After working all winter to clear snow, they say a company owned by Mark Krog refused to pay them. Tony Figueroa, who is married with four kids, said he's owed $14,000.

Shortly after the demonstration began, Krog called police to make sure they stayed off his property. Krog said he has not paid the sub-contractors because of various claims of property damage, falsified time records and no shows.

Emanuel Perez denies those claims. He said Krog owes him more than $30,000.

"All I got paid was $560," he said.

Attorney Michael Danforth is representing the snow plow drivers.

"He's given them no reason at all in writing," he said. "He's just not paid them."

Krog said he plans to file a counter suit.
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