VIDEO: Teen injured in HS bathroom stabbing

CLOVIS, Callifornia -- News of the stabbing spread quickly among the 2,300 students on the Clovis East Campus.

"All I heard was there was a fight, it might have been gang related, and some kid, I think was stabbed and that's all I know," said a student.

Several students posted video of the bathroom brawl on social media. The video shows one student in a white shirt pummeling the other with his fists and knees, then grappling with him. They break free and the student in the white shirt lifts his shirt to show his wounds which were also posted online.

After the fight, the injured student sought help from a school employee.

A graphic image of the Clovis East student's wounds posted on Snapchat.

"Staff member was immediately able to offer first aid, get the student to the nurse's office and contact officers on campus," said Kelli Avants, Clovis Unified School District Information Officer.

The wounded student was treated on campus then taken to a local hospital.

Clovis East immediately went on lockdown and precautions were also taken at the adjacent middle and elementary schools in the education complex. Many students posted concerns online and some parents rushed to retrieve their children.

"My son attends school here and I'm here to pick him up and find out exactly what took place here," said Orlando Fuentes, parent.

Clovis Police and Campus officers quickly corralled the suspect and kept a partial lockdown in place for two hours to make sure the campus was secure.

"We feel very confident we have all the involved parties contacted the victim, the suspect," said Tom Roberts, Clovis Police.

The fact a weapon was used on a student on this campus upset parent Raul Lozada.

"I'm a little shocked, these days a fight isn't just a fight anymore. I mean, just the extremity of what it goes to is unbelievable and discomforting for myself and my child."

Avants said incidents like this are out of character for this campus.

"Very unusual for something like this to happen."

A student we spoke with said he is not really worried.

"I think this is isolated. This isn't usually violent. I haven't seen a fight in a while."

Clovis police said they arrested one suspect in the incident. The injured boy is at home with his parents.
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