Widow: Neighbor killed my husband over dog droppings

BARROW COUNTY, Georgia -- A man in Georgia is accused of killing his 44-year-old neighbor over where his dog went to the bathroom.

Beth Wilson said Larry Bates harassed her and her husband months before he was killed.

Auburn police said Bates shot Paul Wilson last Sunday while he was out walking the dogs.

"He's just taken everything from me, my husband, my best friend, my future, our children that we could have had," Beth Wilson cried.

The victim's widow claims Bates was obsessed with them. She said he would often accuse her husband of letting their dogs use the restroom in his yard.

"They weren't," she said.


After the two men had shaken hands and agreed to move on, Beth Wilson said she thought the trouble was over.

"Bygones are supposed to be bygones," she said. "Nothing had happened for two weeks."

But then, shots rang out over the Fourth of July weekend, sending her husband to the ground.

The widow said she rushed to her husband's side, but it was too late.

"And I went to try to get his pulse, and I put my hand on his back, and I felt him take his last breath," Beth Wilson said.

Now she's left to pick up the pieces while Bates sits in jail.

"I don't even know if I can live here anymore, with those memories," she said, fighting back tears.