Englewood residents of home where boy, 4, shot say they're being targeted

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Witnesses to Wednesday night's Englewood shooting of a 4-year-old boy who live at the home where he was shot say their home is being targeted and they're scared for their lives.

A person of interest was briefly questioned and released Thursday.

A gaping bullet hole through a double paned window is evidence of the shooting that critically wounded a boy sitting on the front porch steps.

People who live at the home on South Morgan say it is not the first time their homes been sprayed by bullets

In May, a 53-year-old woman living at the same house was standing on her porch when someone in a car started shooting. She was wounded in the back and the arm.

Residents say they don't know why they're being targeted.

"Me and my family have got to go," one witness said. "I just pray... My window keeps getting hit because it's on the first floor right here."

Officers say they are trying to find out why the three-flat is being targeted.

"We are working right now to determine who was the intended victim in both of these shootings," said Chicago Police First Deputy John Escalante.

The little boy was shot several times and driven to the hospital by his family members in a car - also punctured by a bullet.

He remains in critical condition.

The boy was listed in critical condition after completing surgery.

"To the guy who shot that baby: you a coward. He a coward," says April Boss, who witnessed the shooting.

Boss says the shooter calmly rode a bicycle to the scene and opened fire. Other witnesses say they heard up to six shots. Police said the shooting happened while the child was outside near 57th and Morgan around 5:40 p.m.

"He got off the bike and went straight on up there. Still missed. Still missed!" Boss says.

"Terrible is all I can say," says Alexis Burns.

Burns heard the gunfire and saw frantic family members with the wounded toddler.

"I heard four shots and then I came out the house and while I was coming outside I seen the lady putting the boy in a car and they drove off," Burns says.

The boy is now one of four children shot in Chicago in the past seven days.

The boy does not live at the home, he was visiting relatives. No one was immediately in custody. null
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