Chicago could be colder this winter than last, NOAA says

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released its temperature predictions for December through February.

The NOAA said cooler than normal temperatures are possible over the western Great Lakes and Midwest. It's possible we could see more arctic outbreaks than last winter for the Upper Midwest and the Great Lakes. Chicago could be colder this winter than last as well.

The NOAA also said Boston to Washington D.C. is forecast to have near-normal temperatures this winter, which would mean a colder winter than last year, which was warmer than usual.

New England though, has a better chance of being above normal for temperatures this winter, the NOAA said.

Most of the South will have a greater chance of seeing warmer-than-normal temperatures.

The drought for southern California will continue, with a drier-than-normal weather forecast predicted for most of the South as well.

Will it snow this winter in Chicago and NYC? Of course it will, there has never been a winter in Chicago and NYC without 1" of snow.

How much snow, is the question. The NOAA is forecasting a slightly larger chance for more precipitation this winter in the Great Lakes and around Chicago.

As far as the Northeast and New England, the NOAA said near-normal snowfall and precipitation, including rain, are expected.

The Pacific Northwest and the northern Rockies could see more precipitation, including snow. So if you are going to the ski resorts in the northern Rockies, there's a good chance there will lots of powder this winter.

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