BNSF Railway officials respond after 8 nooses discovered under railway bridge

FRESNO, California -- After showing Max Parayno the picture highlighting eight nooses dangling in northwest Fresno, outrage set in.

"I'm just shocked that people still think that way," Parayno said.

The display was spotted under a bridge near the Riverside Golf Course and could be seen from hole 11 -- a spot Parayno often takes his 12-year-old son.

"You have different nationalities playing. You have children and they shouldn't be exposed to that kind of hatred."

The bridge is owned by BNSF Railway. Officials there say the first report came in on December 27 but when workers went to investigate they could not find them.

Then two days later a second call came in and that is when the company discovered the nooses and made arrangements to have them taken down.

Lena Kent, from the BSFN Railway, said, "It was no easy task to get them taken down because our folks had to go out on New Year's or New Year's Eve and put on fall protection to have them cut down. Certainly disturbing to see something like that off of your structure."

ABC30 spoke with two Fresno city leaders who both condemn this behavior.

"While we don't know the intent behind it we know what symbolic gestures they make they're bigoted and racist," Esmeralda Soria said.

Councilmember Oliver Baines said, "Obviously we need to send a message to people in Fresno to let them know this behavior is completely unacceptable."

BNSF Railway says its Resource Protection Team is investigating the incident and they are asking anyone with any information to call the tip line. 1-800-832-5452
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