Houston man finds liver donor through wife's fertility blog just before birth of twins

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Man finds liver donor through wife's fertility blog
A woman blogging about her fertility struggles couldn't have imagined that it would save her husband's life just in time for their twins to be born.

HOUSTON -- It's impossible not to smile whenever Oliver Gray and his twin sister Kaylee are in the room.

The siblings are fun, loving, and two little miracles. They were born after their parents suffered four pregnancy losses, and three rounds of in vitro fertilization, but they aren't the only miracles in the Gray family.

"Through my grieving and pregnancy losses, I started blogging," said Abby Gray, mom of the twins.

Abby started her blog, Impatiently Waiting for our Miracles, to share her fertility battle online. She never expected it would save her husband's life years later.

Reid Gray suffers from primary sclerosing cholangitis, a long-term progressive disease of the liver.

The Grays knew Reid would need a liver transplant to live. For two years, it seemed the only thing harder than getting pregnant was finding a liver match.

Abby never gave up. She stayed on top of all of her husband's doctors appointments while continuing to undergo fertility treatments.

In January 2019, tragedy struck another Houston family. Beth and Larry Sparks' only child, Clayton, died during a skiing accident in Colorado.

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"He had big plans in life. He loved life," said Beth.

Because Abby was so active on Facebook chronicling her husband's liver disease, a mutual friend saw her need and the Sparks' tragedy.

She connected the two families through Facebook. Within hours, the Sparks had agreed to directly donate Clayton's liver to the Grays.

On the day of the transplant, Abby was 21 weeks pregnant.

"To know that the final gift was something that could help someone with twins," said Larry. "Their dad could be there for them."

The Gray twins were born three months after Reid received Clayton's liver. Since then, the families have become close.

"We see them as another set of grandparents to the babies and have really enjoyed getting to know them," said Abby.

Beth says it's giving her life renewed purpose.

"Abby sends us videos of the babies all the time and it's real helpful because now, I won't be a grandmother," said Beth.

The Grays say they can never repay the Sparks for giving Reid a chance to raise his own children.

"I don't know how to describe it really. We're just very grateful," said Reid.

Just weeks ago, Reid and other supporters ran in his first 5K race. It was a 2nd Chance Run in honor of Clayton and other families on the transplant list.

The Grays want to spread the message about organ donation, for other families who are waiting for their own miracle.