'Otis' Dream' indie film produced by Chicago church lauded by critics

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A short independent film from a Chicago church is getting lots of attention and honors.

"Otis' Dream" tells the story of Otis Moss Sr., a Southern farmer with five children whose dream was to vote.

"The story of my grandfather, who attempted to vote in Georgia in 1946, and the story has been told over and over again in our family," said Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III.

The film version of the story started as a small in-house production of Trinity United Church of Christ on the South Side, through its Unashamed Media Group. The purpose was to show the sacrifices made to win the right to vote.

"The centerpiece and the message is about voting, about dignity, and refusing to bow down to structures that want to dehumanize your spirit," Moss said.

"Otis' Dream" and its message has been lauded by luminaries, including Oprah Winfrey and now this local production is racking up awards on the festival circuit, including one in the UK and a Chicago Independent Film award just this month.

"I've been blown away! This has been a joyful ride," said actor Christopher Greer, who plays Otis. We were just nominated for the 'I Will Tell International Film Festival' and I was actually nominated for Best Actor in a short film and I actually won. It just blew me away!"

It is highly unusual for a film production company based in a church to receive this many awards.

"Over a million people have watched this little film that speaks about the dignity, faith and power of the vote," Moss said.

Moss said they are now hoping to produce a feature-length version of "Otis' Dream."

Check out OtisDream.com, where you can watch the short film and find all kinds of information about voting rights.
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