Pet safety tips for Halloween 2021

CHICAGO (WLS) -- While you may want to get your furry friends into spooky season, here are some tips to keep pets safe.

Be mindful of choking hazards via a collar or other costume elements.

Never leave them alone in a costume, and make sure their collar and tags are always on - whether or not you're staying home.

Watch their body language for signs of stress. This can either be social anxiety or having unfamiliar clothing on.

Introduce them to their costume over the course of a few weeks.

Keep costumes simple for puppies or senior pups as they can be more sensitive. Opt for something that attaches to a comfy harness, etc.

  • Keep their diets in mind even though it's a fun holiday. There are several healthy fall or Halloween-inspired treats you can choose from to give to your pet. Keep an eye on the kiddos - chocolate is an absolute no-go for pups! Some Halloween treat-givers often choose to pass out small boxes of raisins. This option is great for children, but raisins and grapes are dangerous to dogs and can cause renal failure.
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