Aurora boy mauled by dogs released from hospital, speaks about attack

AURORA (WLS) -- The 10-year-old boy attacked by a pair of pit bulls in west suburban Aurora has been released from the hospital Wednesday.

Luke Drees was walking to school on Friday, Oct. 13, when the dogs came out of nowhere. He suffered serious injuries and required skin grafts on his head and legs. Doctors also had to reattach one of his ears after the attack.

Luke spoke to ABC7 Eyewitness News about that morning and has a message for the people who came to his rescue.

"I was running in circles, yelling for help," Luke recalled.

Luke is now wrapped in a blanket and bandages.

"He was, like, taking my shoes, this shoe, biting holes," he said.

The dogs ripped off one of Luke's ears and left deep gashes on his head and legs. The dogs ran off when several people came to help him. Luke's mother was at work when she learned of the attack.

"When it happened, I was hysterical at the hospital and he was like, 'Mommy, mommy, stop crying. I'm okay, I'm okay,'" Denise Drees said.

Doctors were able to reattach Luke's ear. He'll be out of school while he recovers, but he may visit Dieterich Elementary Thursday and have pizza with his classmates.

Denise is grateful Luke is recovering, but frustrated.

"I blame the owners of the dog. I don't blame the dogs," she said.

And Luke has a message for the people who rescued him.

"Thank you for helping me. You saved my life," he said.

Aurora police said the two dogs were eventually located. Both have been euthanized. The owner faces $3,500 in fines and was cited for letting the dogs run loose.
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