Hawk chick rescued, returned to nest in Medinah yard

MEDINAH, Ill. (WLS) -- It took a big team to get a little hawk back to its home in Medinah.

The chick fell more than 20 feet from his nest in the backyard of a home in the northwest suburb.

A homeowner noticed the bird on the ground. As night grew closer and the homeowner became concerned about predators on the ground, they called Kane County Rehabilitation and Education, a non-profit wildlife rescue in Saint Charles.

The rescue's founder, Vicki Weiland, said the chick should be returned to his nest, but it was too far off the ground. The Roselle Fire Department said they could help, but only during the day, she said.

So they got hold of a bird expert who took the bird to safety for the night. The next day the Roselle Fire Department arrived to put the little guy back in his nest.
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