Toddler puts mom on timeout for mocking Philadelphia Eagles chant

BERLIN TOWNSHIP, New Jersey -- When anyone mocks the Eagles chant, all true Philadelphia fans know how to stand up for their team.

Two-year-old Colbie, of Berlin Township, New Jersey, did just that when her mom started chanting "die Eagles die" instead of the ceremonial "fly Eagles fly."

In a video the family recorded, the toddler started screaming, "No, no, don't do that!" And angrily huffed and puffed, then walked away.

"She put me in timeout," said Colbie's mom Lindsay Gonzalez. "She gave me the finger and said, 'No, no, no don't do that!' And I got reprimanded."

Gonzalez is from New York and is a Giants fan, but her wife, Siobhan, was raised on Philadelphia sports and wanted to make sure their children followed suit.

"I'm in charge of the laundry, so from day one I made sure all the clothes she had on were Eagles, and anybody who brought her New York stuff, I just never put it on her," said Gonzalez.

Admittedly, the couple says Sundays can get pretty competitive in their home.

"We don't talk much that day. We feel the tension in the house," said Gonzalez.

She also said she tries, to no avail, to sway Colbie to teams from her home state.

"Behind closed doors, I try to teach her what I want her to know, but it's not going well, at all," she said.
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