The first-ever Beer Spa in Chicago

Chicago (WLS) -- After a long day, you probably like to sit down with an ice cold beer, right?

Well, at Piva Beer Spa, you can enjoy a warm beer bath instead.

"We wanted to create a space and curated experience where really anybody can relax," Piva Beer Spa Co-Founder Dino Sarancic said.

Wait a minute - you can bathe in beer? Yes, yes you can.

"The benefits for the beer soak are mostly going to be for your skin and for your hair," Sarancic said. "Some of the ingredients in the beer soak itself are actually very good for conditioning the skin, the active brewer's yeast definitely makes the skin feel smooth to the touch. The smell of hops is actually a natural relaxant and sleep aid and it helps balance the ph level of the skin too."

Piva Beer Spa also offers massages, steam rooms and a salt room, which is exactly what it sounds like.

"The room is completely covered in salt, there's salt on the ground, on the ceilings and all the walls and there's a machine we turn on and it creates a salty fog in the room," Sarancic said. "It's mostly beneficial for your lymphatic system, your respiratory system and the negatively charged ions in salt have actually been shown to have some mood boosting properties as well."

To find out what else Piva Beer Spa has to offer, check out their website.
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