No one will clean up Plainfield pond overrun with scum, algae

PLAINFIELD, Ill. (WLS) -- No one will take responsibility for a stinking pond, overrun with scum and algae, in a Plainfield development and residents are worried for their property values.

"The algae, when it's really hot. Then the mosquitos, really bad. We can't even sit out in the rear deck or the back ground, you know, just to enjoy the fresh air, and if that wind is coming from the east and north, algae, that stench really hits this area," said Glenn Gampietro.

The ongoing algae build-up occurs because there are no aerators or fountains in the pond.

"If you get close enough it smells, we've seen some dead fish coming up. We don't even take guests out on our deck to use it," said Cindy Gampietro.

The Golden Meadows Estate development itself is more than 20 years old, and has been through the ringer. The developer went bankrupt during the housing crash. Then it was split into two different housing associations. The second association, which is technically on the deed for the pond, is no longer in existence and Plainfield officials said it may not have been properly established.

The village of Plainfield's Public Works director told the I Team that the village has no responsibility to maintain the eyesore.

"The village does not own the pond and we do not have any jurisdiction over the operation or maintenance of that pond," said Allen Persons, Director of Public Works.

But the I-Team found there is some hope. They called the Will County Treasurer's office and the Deputy Treasurer confirmed that there is a $10,000 dollar fund in the name of that now "phantom" association. Court documents show I-DOT had paid for the surrounding land of the pond to make road improvements.

The Will County treasurer said neighbors may be able to organize a group and petition the court for that fund to make improvements.

"Install a proper irrigation, the fountains, have algae control, weed control and proper maintenance," Glenn said.

"We take care of that as much as possible. But there is no mowing we got weeds along the line in the back that are probably 14 feet tall the algae gets just thick absolutely thick," said Cindy.

The I-Team also reached out to the developer of the neighborhood. He said the pond was never designed to have aerators or fountains and that when it was developed in the '90s it met all municipal and state requirements.
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