House makes rest stop in middle of highway in Texas

PLANO, Texas -- It's not every day that a house turns up in the middle of a highway, but that was the scene Wednesday morning in Plano, Texas.

A home constructed in 1861 and touted by historians as the first house in the now-sprawling North Texas city was being carefully trucked to a new location.

As crews moved the house to a farm a quarter mile away, they made a brief rest stop along the way.

The family that owns the farm bought the house to save it from being dismantled by the city.

KTVT-TV reports the Collinwood House was moved to the Haggard Farm. The two-story house previously was home to several Haggard family members.

Plano voters in May 2017 rejected a $3.5 million bond issue with some funds meant to restore the Collinwood House..

Plano officials then offered $250,000 to anyone who'd relocate Collinwood House and consider restoration and preservation.

Haggard Enterprises this year acquired the house from Plano, with a current population topping 286,000, to move the structure to the family property.

Plano is 15 miles (24.14 kilometers) north of Dallas.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)
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