Police believe wildfire looter stole from first responders

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Morgan Plumere was arrested for stealing from a car in an evacuation area, and police also found an emergency fire shelter they believe was taken from a fire department. (Sonoma.Sheriff/Facebook)

A man found looting during the North Bay fires is believed to have stolen a firefighter's last line of defense against the flames.

When the Sonoma Sheriff's Office investigated Morgan Plumere for stealing sunglasses from a car in an evacuation area, they discovered he also had an emergency fire shelter. They believe it was taken from a fire department.

Plumere is also believed to have stolen items from a local vineyard management company. He was arrested for looting, possession of stolen property, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of prescription medications without a prescription and violation of probation. The department referred to Plumere in a comment as a "frequent flier."

Facebook users praised the department for their work.

"I LOVE that this Sheriff is wearing a cowboy hat," wrote one commenter. "Thank you for taking this 'special kind of scum' off our streets. Good will always prevail over bad. Thank you Sonoma Sheriff for all you do."
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