Democratic governor's race narrows on eve of primary election

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The top three Democratic candidates for governor criscrossed the state Monday, making their final push for votes in Illinois' primary. (WLS)

It is effectively down to three in the Democratic race for governor, based on the most recent polls.

JB Pritzker, Chris Kennedy and Daniel Biss were busy crisscrossing the state in the hunt for every possible vote in the 25 hours before the polls close.

Kennedy rallied with other Democratic candidates at a Get Out the Vote event in Pilsen, after several earlier stops downstate and in Western Illinois.

Pritzker was also making the rounds, starting in Rockford and working his way down to Springfield later Monday evening.

Biss focused his election eve efforts in Chicago.

The last-minute campaign push comes as the latest poll shows Pritzker leading with 32 percent to Kennedy's 26 percent, with Biss just behind at 22 percent.

"Well, we feel like we're really moving in the right direction. We feel like that although most thought we had no chance against the billionaires, we're right there in this race with a lot of undecideds and a tremendous number of volunteers, so I feel confident about what's going to happen tomorrow," Biss said.

The same poll showed 16 percent of voters are undecided.

It also revealed another interesting element that could be of great concern to Pritzker: 28 percent of his supporters said they could change their minds. But he did not seem worried Monday.

"They key letters to remember today are GOTV, get out the vote, and that's what we're doing, just making sure that the people who've committed to vote for us and are excited about this campaign get to the polls and vote," he said.

Kennedy, meanwhile, remained optimistic as he focused on getting out the vote as well.

"The incredible thing is that there's so much money spent in this election, $70 million for one candidate, and the more they learn about him the less they like him and that's an incredible event in American history, the idea that so many people are undecided," he said.

Kennedy encouraged supporters to fight on every street and county until the end. It's a theme shared by all the campaigns, who don't want to take any vote for granted.

Tuesday the effort shifts from getting voters to make up their minds to getting them to actually go to the polls.
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