Arlington Heights elementary school nurse fired for giving wrong medicine to student, district says

Thursday, May 9, 2024
School nurse fired for giving incorrect medicine to elementary student
An Arlington Heights Westgate Elementary School nurse was fired after giving a drug including fentanyl to a student instead of their prescription.

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. (WLS) -- Classes at an elementary school in the north suburbs carried on as normal Thursday a day after a school nurse was fired.

The action coming after a family of a student at the school claimed the child was given the wrong medication at Westgate Elementary School in Arlington Heights.

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Attorneys for the family said the nurse gave the student a non-prescription drug that included the opioid fentanyl rather than the prescription the student was a supposed to receive.

The District 25 board president accused the nurse of egregious conduct and violating school policies, saying at a special meeting Wednesday night..."The recent breach of trust by one registered nurse at Westgate elementary is distressing and concerning..."

Attorneys for several families whose children were allegedly given the wrong medicine had called on this district to fire the nurse and discipline other school and district leaders.

Attorney Gina DeBoni released a statement saying, "The... decision to terminate [the] Westgate Elementary School Nurse... is more than appropriate but far overdue. The reckless actions by District 25 disregarded the health and well-being of multiple children and put the children at risk."

Arlington Heights police are still investigating and have announced no criminal charges. Meanwhile, the district announced they will have two new nurses on staff at this school for the rest of the year.