Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child stars in 'Death Becomes Her' at Cadillac Palace Theatre

ByMarsha Jordan and Hosea Sanders WLS logo
Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Michelle Williams stars in 'Death Becomes Her' musical in Chicago
Michelle Williams, Destiny's Child member and Rockford native, stars in Broadway in Chicago's "Death Becomes Her" at the Cadillac Palace Theatre.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Michelle Williams has come a long way since her days sharing a stage with Beyoncé in Destiny's Child. The Rockford native is now starring in the world premiere of "Death Becomes Her" at the Cadillac Palace Theatre in Chicago.

She is delighted to be back on stage in front of a Chicago audience.

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"It feels amazing," Williams said. "Broadway in Chicago is phenomenal. Folks here love theater, and it's good to get on stage here."

Williams wasn't just aware of the musical's cinematic origins, she's a bona fide fan of the movie.

"I was a fan of the movie, it's absolutely hilarious when you think about it. It's just kind of funny when you hear the inner dialogue that people have concerns about," she said.

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'Death Becomes Her' the musical has its world premiere run at the Cadillac Palace Theatre in Chicago before gong to Broadway this fall.

And it was also thrilling to be able to create a brand new piece, a world premiere.

"I'm so excited, especially originating a role," said Williams. "A lot of other Broadway musicals that I've done have already been put on its feet."

Williams was born and raised in Rockford, and her theater roots also originate there.

"I was a theater kid, from the church musicals to auditioning for plays and musicals in school," she said. "They never cast me for those parts and I was like, it's OK. And then one day in 2003 I made my Broadway debut, so sometimes rejection is protection, or it's redirection for something better."

"On a show like this, you're going to get the stillness and hush of a theater crowd, versus people with their phones up; that's a transition I have to get used to," Williams added. "You ain't at church, you ain't at a concert. The audience is taking it in, they love what you're doing. You're not going to get people up on their feet, swaying from side to side."

Williams' life and career have run the gamut from pop superstardom to theatrical respect, and she said she feels a sense of peace and purpose about her life now.

"I'm feeling good, I'm feeling so good; I'm at a place in my career where I'm doing what I want to do, not what's expected of me," she said. "I want to be here."

"Death Becomes Her" is at the Cadillac Palace Theatre through June 2. Then the show heads to New York City where it will open on Broadway in the fall.