Daughter nails 'how to scare your mom' prank

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Monday, September 15, 2014
Sixteen-year-old Kassandra Gates gave her mom quite the scare in a video that's gone viral.
creativeContent-Kassandra Rose/Vine

Whether she was getting into the Halloween spirit or just wanted to prank her mom, a teen's video of her scaring her mom with some extreme makeup has gone viral.

All it took for 16-year-old Kassandra Gates to scare her mom out of her seat were the words "Hey, Ma." Or maybe it was the fake bloody wound across her face and the white contact lens in one eye. Either way, it was enough to make her mom gasp in horror and leap out of her chair.

Kassandra posted the short video to Vine earlier this month, but it wasn't until the video was recently shared on a Facebook page that features short, entertaining videos that it really took off. The video has almost 100,000 loops on Vine and over 100,000 shares on Facebook.

Kassandra said on her Instagram account that she loves Halloween and it's her favorite holiday.