'Pride Without Prejudice' march demands better protection for LGBTQ+, Black, Brown communities

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Sunday, June 27, 2021
'Pride Without Prejudice' demonstrators march against racism, violence
A group demanding better protection of those in the LGBTQ+, Black and Brown communities rallied and marched through Lakeview on Sunday.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A group demanding better protection of those in the LGBTQ+, as well as Black and Brown communities, rallied and marched through Lakeview on Sunday.

"We are here to take back our pride. Pride Without Prejudice is here to make sure we include every single community not just the white community in Boystown or North Halsted," said Fredy Roberts Ramirez.

"My brothers and sisters and trans allies, now is the time to be seen not just heard," said Zahara Bassett.

This is the typical date of the Pride Parade but this action is called Pride Without Prejudice.

"We come to confront the systems that threaten our survival and we come out to threaten the systems that are trying to kill us and harm us every day," said Benji Hart.

"It's not fair for us continuing to be part of this community and forgetting that our history is the reason why we are able to be out and loud and supportive of other people in our community," said Ashabi Owagoriaye.

The group walked up Halsted to the Chicago Police Department's 19th District all with officers protecting their freedoms of speech.

It ended at Broadway and Halsted with a rally around the Transgender Pride Flag

Organizers said they want to add their voices to those fighting against police brutality and for people of color.

This year's Pride Parade will be on October 3, a one-time change due to the pandemic.

Organizers of Pride Without Prejudice will continue their activism with a rally on the West Side Wednesday, June 30th.