LISTEN: 911 calls from night of Quintonio LeGrier shooting released

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016
RAW: Quintonio LeGrier 911 calls
Audio for the 911 calls made the night that Quintonio LeGrier, 19, and Bettie Jones, 55, were fatally shot by a Chicago police officer were released Monday afternoon.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Below is full text of Quintonio LeGrier's 911 calls:

Q: "Can you please send the police?"

Dispatch: "To where?"

Q: "4710 West Erie Street."

Dis: "What's wrong?"

Q: "I have an emergency."

Dis: "I need to know what's wrong."

Q: "Someone is ruining my life."

Dis: "Who? Where are they now?"

Q: "There in the house."

Dis: "What's your name?

Q: "Q."

Dis: "Where are you going to be Q?"

Q: "Are you going to send the police?" *He mumbles what sounds like an obscenity after this*

Dis: "Are you at the house?"

*more obscenities*

Dis: "Hello?"

1:21 Q: "Are you going to send the police or not?"

Dis: "Are you going to answer my questions?"

Q: "How are you talking to?"

Dis: "I'm talking to you? If you can't answer the questions, how do you expect me to assist you?

Q: "I already told you I am at the house."

Dis: "No you didn't. You told me that person was at the house."

Dis: "Any weapons involved?"

Q: "Nah."

Dis" Where are you going to be?

*more obscenities*

2:30 Q: "Yeah I need an officer at 4710 West Erie Street."

Dis: "37 what?"

Q: "4710 West Erie Street."

Dis: "OK, what's wrong?"

Q: "I just need an officer over here, OK?"

Dis: "No, it don't work like that. What's your emergency?"

Q: "I need to talk to an officer."

Dis: "OK what's wrong."

Q: "I need to talk to an officer."

Dis: "You can talk to an officer over the phone. I can connect you with one if you would like."

Q: "Someone's ruining my life."

Dis: "Is the person there with you now?"

Q; "Yes."

Dis: "Are you in an apartment or a house?"

Q: "A house."

Dis: "And your name?

Q: "Q."

Dis: "What's your last name?"

Q: "Are you going to send an officer?"

Dis: 'Yeah when you answer the question."

Q: "There's an emergency, can you send an officer?"

Dis: "Yes, as soon as you answer the questions. What's your last name?"


Dis: "If you can't answer the question I am going to hang up."


Dis: "Terminate the call."

4:40 "My son has freaked out. I need an officer at 4710 West Erie. 4710 West Erie I need police assistance."

5:12 "He's got a baseball bat in his hand right now."

Dis: "How old is he?

Antonio: "19"

Dis: "Has he been drinking?"

Antonio: "No."

Dis: "What's your name sir?"

Antonio: "Antonio LeGrier"

Dis: "OK. Watch for the police."