R. Kelly trial: Ex-girlfriend testifies singer's associate suggested killing her over sex tape

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Friday, August 26, 2022
R. Kelly's ex testifies associate suggested killing her over sex tape
Lisa Van Allen testified at R Kelly's trial that the singer recorded her during a sexual encounter with Kelly and a 14-year-old known as Jane.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Lisa Van Allen, an ex-girlfriend of R. Kelly, spent hours on the witness stand Thursday testifying against the former star in his trial on child porn and obstruction of justice charges.

The sex videos of R. Kelly with allegedly young women and girls became public began when the originals were stolen from Kelly.

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Van Allen testified that Kelly recorded her during a sexual encounter with Kelly and a 14 -year-old known as Jane, and that Allen took the tape because she didn't want it getting out.

Van Allen testified that the tape had two other sex scenes with that girl.

Van Allen said she took the tape and met with Kelly and his co-defendants about returning the video to Kelly after Kelly was charged in Cook County for child pornography. Van Allen told jurors Kelly promised her $250,000 to get the videos back.

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And in dealing with Kelly's former business manager, Derrel McDavid, Van Allen testified she was forced to take lie detector tests before getting paid.

After failing a third test, Van Allen testified McDavid said to her: "He said I failed and they should have murked me from the beginning."

Van Allen sobbed from the witness stand, saying "murked" meant: "They would kill me."

She went on to say, "I never knew they were thinking about killing me."

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Under cross examination by McDavid's attorney, she admitted being interviewed for the documentary "Surviving R Kelly" with varying details about the tape, taking a Rolex Kelly had left behind in a hotel room, and that she didn't consider destroying the tape.

When asked, "You could have destroyed the tape when it was in your sole possession?" Van Allen replied, "I could. If it crossed my mind."