Protesters rally against red light cameras

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Protesters rallied Saturday on Chicago's South Side against the use of red light cameras.

Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras demonstrated at 119th and Halsted.

That intersection, among others, was the subject of a Chicago Tribune investigation last week that showed an unexplained spike in red light tickets.

Group organizers say the cameras are the wrong way to raise revenue.

"When you get stopped at one of these, it's $100," said Don Bransford of Citizens to Abolish Red Light Cameras. "Think about someone on minimum wage and realize $100 is more than a day's pay. Think about a senior citizen that gets a ticket the day after their check comes in and then realizes, I don't have an extra $100."

City hall plans to mail letters to at least 9,000 drivers with details of the review process to determine if those motorists will get $100 refunds for red light citations.
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