Lincoln Park Zoo welcomes 2 red panda cubs

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Visitors will soon see two new furry faces at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

The zoo recently welcomed two red panda cubs. A male and a female were born at the Kovler Lion House to breeding pair Leafa and Phoenix on June 24.

The cubs started out small and helpless, dependent on mother Leafa for all of their care. The babies had their first physical exam Tuesday and are meeting their developmental milestones.

The babies are still feeding on their mother's milk, but the zoo says they will likely be venturing out in the coming weeks. Their official debut depends on their mother. She has already taken out one of the cubs on a short trip to the outdoor yard.

The cubs are the second pair in two years born at the zoo. Clark and Addison were born last June and are now at the San Diego Zoo and Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo.

The new cubs do not have names yet.

Red pandas were recently classified as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

One of the two red panda cubs born at Lincoln Park Zoo on June 24.

Lincoln Park Zoo

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