Activists sue IPRA over Chicago police officer Dante Servin's records

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Board recommends firing of Servin
Dante Servin

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago's Black Lives Matter movement is suing the city's Independent Police Review Authority.

The group is trying to use the Freedom of Information Act to get information about Chicago Police Officer Dante Servin, who shot and killed Rekia Boyd.

Black Lives Matter said the city denied the original request for Servin's records.

"There is tremendous public interest in knowing whether IPRA should have previously disciplined Servin. It is likely that the legal defense funding that the city has recently allocated fighting other FOIA requests in cases, far exceeds the labor costs necessary for IPRA to comply with this one request," said Jason Tompkins, Black Lives Matter.

A Cook County judge acquitted Servin on manslaughter charges.

The Chicago Police Department and IPRA are both recommending the city fire Servin. He's now on desk duty.

IPRA has not responded to the lawsuit.