Supermarkets will give away free reusable bags before tax takes effect

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Friday, January 27, 2017
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CHICAGO (WLS) -- Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Friday that Jewel-Osco, Mariono's, Target and Whole Foods will give customers free reusable bags ahead of the implementation of the Chicago Checkout Bag Tax on Feb. 1.

The tax, which is part of an effort to decrease the use of disposable plastic bags in the city, will add 7 cents per disposable plastic and paper bags at all stores. Customers who bring their own bags will not be taxed. The president of Mariano's said customers will still receive a 5 cent rebate per reusable bag after the tax goes into effect.

"I'm happy to partner with the business community on this outreach effort to help residents build the habit of bringing their own shopping bags," said Mayor Emanuel. "By providing residents a reusable bag, we are giving them the tools they need to avoid the tax, and we will also help to reduce the number of paper and plastic bags used in Chicago."

The city will also give away free, reusable "ChiBags" at seven CTA locations during the evening commute on Feb. 1.

Bag giveaways will be held at the following places and times:

Jewel-Osco: On Saturday, Jan. 28, the first 100 customers at each of the 25 Chicago locations will receive free reusable bags.

Mariano's: On Saturday, Jan. 28, Mariano's will give away reusable bags to the first 100 customers at all 13 locations, as well as a coupon for 50 percent off a second reusable bag purchased that day.

Target: On Wednesday, Feb. 1, Target will give away free reusable bags to the first 200 customers at each of its 16 locations.

Whole Foods: On Wednesday, Feb. 1, Whole Foods will distribute 1,000 free reusable bags, one per customer, to each of their first shoppers at each of their 12 locations.