RNC night 2 hopes to capture votes from women with speech by Melania Trump

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020
RNC Night 2 focuses on women, first lady
First Lady Medlania Trump speaks on night 2 of the Republiacn National Convention, hoping to reach women voters who overwhelmingly broke for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The first lady taking center stage night two of the Republican National Convention. Melania Trump will speak from the White House Rose Garden in primetime.

Women voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Republicans hope to put a dent in that deficit this November.

The first lady is expected to speak not only about why women should support the President, but also as an immigrant how she worked hard to achieve her dreams.

Some Republican women delegates who ABC7 Eyewitness News spoke to believe that concerns about safety make Trump the more attractive candidate for suburban women, who will be a coveted voting block once again in November. Civil unrest could be a factor in how they vote.

"I think the suburban woman is looking to make sure that she, her family her children are safe," said Laura Pollastrini, 14th District Republican Committeewoman.

First Lady Melania Trump will deliver what has been described as an uplifting message when she steps into the spotlight on night two of the Republican National Convention.

But many Republicans believe it may be the president's own message about law and order that will really resonate with female voters in the suburbs.

"And I do believe that they understand that, unless President Trump is reelected. They will see an America that they could never have even dreamed could happen to this country," said Lori Yokoyama, 1st District Republican Committeewoman.

"The president is the loudest supporter of law enforcement, that we've ever had," said John Catanzara Jr., President, Chicago Fraternal Order Of Police.

Catanzara, who got a personal Twitter shout out from the President when he was elected the head of the police union this spring, has now been invited to the White House on Thursday for the President's acceptance speech, and may even get VIP treatment.

"I don't know what that entails or if that involves a formal meet and greet or not but I certainly hope so, because I'd like to thank him for his constantly keeping Chicago on the radar of the national news," Catanzara said.

Besides the first lady, notable speakers tonight include Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Nicholas Sandmann, the Kentucky student falsely portrayed in viral videos as harassing a Native American activist last year in Washington DC.

The theme is Land of Opportunity.