Watch: Viral TikTok video shows woman escape path of rockslide, stop highway traffic

ByJoseph Olbrycht-Palmer, Storyful
Thursday, April 14, 2022
Watch: Woman escapes path of rockslide, stops traffic
A viral TikTok video shows a woman escape the path of a Juneau, Alaska rockslide and stop traffic on the Douglas Highway from moving toward it.

JUNEAU, Ala. -- A woman filmed herself escaping the path of a rockslide near Juneau, Alaska.

TikToker thedirtyexplorer was recorded footage from a beach along the Douglas Highway when the rockslide happened.

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This video shows her interrupted mid sentence by a crashing noise. She immediately grabs her camera and runs for safety, waving her arms and shouting at highway traffic to stop.

Citing authorities, local media reported on April 12 that despite both lanes having been cleared, the highway would stay closed until geologists could better assess the risk.