How to stay safe when jogging alone

As the days get shorter and it gets darker earlier, there's more risk for running outside. Experts shared some important tips to remember if you're running alone.

Sherri Papini, 34, says she was snatched by two attackers while running near her Redding, California home. The mother of two was missing for three weeks before finally escaping.

This summer, Karina Vetrano, 30, was strangled on a trail she took nearly every day. Vanessa Marcotte was murdered on a path behind her mother's house.
And Ally Brueger was shot and killed in broad daylight.

All three women were simply out for a jog when they were attacked.
"It's just you and you don't have any protection," said Tzatzil Lemair, founder of "Tough Cookies," a jogging group founded on the theory that there's safety in numbers.

"No one's gonna you know attempt anything when you have a group, so you can relax, enjoy your run, focus on your workout, not be constantly on the lookout," Lemair said.

But what happens if you can't run with a partner? We talked to safety expert, Jarrett Arthur, who gave us a few tips on how to protect yourself on the path. First: ditch the headphones.

"The earlier that I can hear somebody approaching me, or that I can see somebody approaching me then I can respond in a way that's going to give me a better chance at getting away to someplace safe," Lemair said.

Next: avoid baggy clothes and ponytails.
"Opt for clothing that's form fitting, that doesn't have a hood and opt for hair in a side braid or a low ponytail or tucked up and underneath your cap. It makes it more difficult for somebody to grab ahold of you and drag you into the bushes or take you down to the ground," Lemair said.

And finally: be prepared to fight back!

"Taking even one self-defense class can seriously increase your safety. You learn how to be better prepared to pay attention to your surroundings and listen to your gut. You also learn how to fight back effectively in worse case scenarios," Lemair said.

Arthur suggests you always tell a trusted friend or family member when you go for a jog - make sure they know what path you plan on taking and how long you expect to be gone.