Coronavirus shelter in place exercise: Ways to stay fit while at home due to COVID-19 pandemic

CHICAGO (WLS) -- With so many people staying home right now, some local fitness trainers are stepping up, to help keep us all fit and active.

Fitness trainers across the Chicago area have their work out for them, making sure the public stays active while staying home as a result of covid-19.

"We have to bring the workout experience to you," said personal trainer Larry Howard.

Howard has launched virtual fitness classes on his social media platforms to engage, motivate and hold people accountable.

"Working out and fitness, for many Americans, is a critical part of their daily schedule," said personal trainer Larry Howard. "It'svery important to now find and establish a new normal."

He says in home workouts come with huge advantages. They relieve stress, reduce soreness and tension from sitting down all day and of course the workouts burn calories.

"If you are looking at even the total steps that you take in a day, that is going to be cut significantly just because we're not going to the places we're going," Howard said. "Some people are commuters, some people walk for a living, walk to their jobs, walk up stairs, all of these different things, so our bodies will adapt in a negative way if we pick up negative habits during the time."

And they're a lot simpler than you may think.

"As long as you have the ability to move your body, be a little bit creative, look at what you have in your house, you have the ability to see some results," Howard said.

A gallon of water is something most people have in their fridge.

"We have handles here, so it can be used for a couple things," Howard. "Think kettle bell swing. Yeah. Now important thing, make sure it's tight so you don't have a water fight in your home."

You can also do squats, deadlifts, rows and other cool exercises. And who doesn't have a can of beans in their cabinet? I you can, there is another great option.

"Squeeze as hard as you can," Howard. "Go slower and come down on a three count. Remember you work the muscle not the weight."

He says you can incorporate cardio with these items in your workout as well, like invisible jump rope and even jumping jacks.

"Now, it's all the more necessary because now even those gym goers now need someone to hold them accountable at their homes, so virtually is the way to go right now," Howard said.

Many trainers and fitness centers are providing virtual classes for free. You can also download fitness apps for virtual one on one classes, which usually come at a cost. You can also use the stairs.
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