'Surviving Skokie' - Jack and Eli Adler

The Chicago Jewish Film Festival is showing 18 Jewish-inspired stories across the Chicagoland area through March 20th.

Former Skokie residents, Eli Adler, and his 87 year old father, Jack Adler, sit down with Ji Suk Yi to talk about their documentary, "Surviving Skokie."

Filmmaker and co-producer, Eli Adler, presents a very personal documentary that tells the story of his father's will to live after surviving the Holocaust.

In the 1970s, a band of neo-Nazi thugs threatened to march in Skokie. The film discusses the impact of this event on its residents.

For more information about "Surviving Skokie," please go to: http://www.survivingskokiemovie.org/

For tickets to the Chicago Jewish Film Festival, please go to: www.jccfilmfest.org/
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