Unfair car repair: Harvey woman gets refund for unfinished car repair

HARVEY, Ill. (WLS) -- A Harvey woman contacted the I-Team saying an "unfair car repair" dispute would have cost her hundreds of dollars for no work.

The mechanic said it was a misunderstanding and he'd make good on a refund.

"I did receive the check, it did cash!" said Angeline Lewis.

Lewis's 2010 Audi still sits useless, without a working engine. But now she has money to help pay for a repair.

Lewis contacted the I-Team after she turned to One Stop Auto Clinic in Harvey and paid a $1,900 down payment in cash on a $5,700 job for a new engine plus labor. She has a receipt, but their agreement was only verbal.

Lewis said after several weeks of not hearing about progress, she became concerned and had the car towed back home.

She also recorded a smartphone conversation with the repair shop owner, Khaled Mubarek, in which he stated he would give her a partial refund since he said he had already spent $500 on an engine deposit.

However, he also said he would be able to get a "credit" from the junkyard on that engine deposit.

Lewis never saw a refund, so the I-team asked the owner about it.

Jason Knowles: "When should she expect to see the $1,400?

Mubarek: "In next 2 weeks, I give it to her."

Lewis recently got that check.

"Now I have begun the process to repair my vehicle...and Channel 7, big kudos to you for having the investigative segment, because it is so greatly needed," Lewis said.

The repair shop owner also said he had wanted the consumer to pay for the majority of the work before he installed the engine, but again nothing was in writing.

Experts say both the consumers and mechanics should make sure there is a detailed, written timeline to protect everyone. Also, use a credit card so you can disputes charges.
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