Video shows crash-and-grab burglars target upscale South Shore clothing store

Store owner said he's been burglarized multiple times: 'I don't think we are able to last a lot longer'

Thursday, March 21, 2024
Owner of upscale South Shore clothing store burglarized several times
The owner of an upscale South Shore clothing store has been burglarized several times.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A stolen SUV was used in a crash-and-grab burglary at a South Shore clothing store Thursday morning, Chicago police said.

The shop has been hit several times, and now they're picking up the pieces yet again after another crash-and-grab.

The Shop 147 has been in its location on Stony Island Avenue for 17 years, but the store owner said it may be time to move out.

At around 3 a.m., surveillance video shows a group of thieves using a Jeep to crash into the storefront of the retail shop in the South Shore neighborhood.

Video shows several people start grabbing high-priced merchandise. Then, they leave the Jeep and drive away in getaway cars waiting outside.

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The owner of The Shop 147 in the 7200-block of South Stony Island Avenue prefers to remain anonymous, but said this is the fourth time his business has been hit. The damage this time could be $150,000.

"I don't think we are able to last a lot longer in a business environment like this," the owner said. "We definitely have to eventually move outta here."

Not only is this the fourth time his shop has been targeted, the store owner said thieves tried to ram into his metal gates Wednesday, but were not successful, instead coming back overnight to try again.

"It was really shocking, and actually it's beyond imagination what's going on and what's happening. And what's sad is that this is happening all over the city," the owner said.

He is not sure when they will reopen.

Larry Tankson owns TAC Karate next-door. He said this is bad for the growth of the community.

"We already have a food desert here, so you're gonna drive more business away, which means you're gonna travel further, and it just brings the neighborhood down," Tankson said. "They have no idea the long-term damage that these guys are doing; it's not worth it, and when they get caught, for what? What did that get from it?"

Meanwhile the store owner of Shop 147 would like to put metal posts in front of his business to protect the storefront, but he said the city won't allow barriers on the sidewalk, so he feels defenseless.

"I feel like this is a beautiful city, and we all want a better Chicago," the owner said. "We all want a better Chicago, and I hope this problem gets under control."

Later in the day, the windows of the store were being replaced.

"It's devastating," said Tonya Trice, South Shore Chamber of Commerce executive director.

Trice said with more than 600 businesses in the neighborhood, this kind of news makes it harder to attract new businesses, and may be hurting the very community in which the thieves may live.

"That's the part I wish they would understand: They are taking resources out of your very own community," Trice said.

Resident Ron White agreed.

"They don't realize they are hurting themselves, and for what they are getting? It's really not worth it; they don't find it out until It's too late," White said.

The Jeep that was used in this crime was stolen.

The owners of the vehicle said it was snatched off the street about a half hour before the crash-and-grab happened.

Meanwhile, police said no one is in custody.

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