Cubs fan Danica Patrick knows miraculous things can happen

BySarah Goldstein ESPN logo
Thursday, July 7, 2016

Danica Patrick grew up in Chicago, she has thrown out the first pitch at Wrigley Field twice and she has even had to sing during the seventh-inning stretch, but does she think the Cubs can win it all?

How did you become a Cubs fan?

I grew up in Illinois and have a place in Chicago. Anyone who knows a Chicagoan knows we have a lot of pride and excitement for our home teams.

What is your favorite memory of the Cubs?

I've thrown out the first pitch twice over the years. I stood on top of the mound both times, not in front of it, and I basically had the same exact pitch each time. It like one-hopped right in front of home plate and into the catcher's mitt. They weren't perfect, but I was on top of the mound and they were straight and there was no running for the ball. So, I consider that a mild success. I think that my seventh-inning stretch song probably made like a "Not Top-10" list on SportsCenter for a keep-your-day-job kind of thing, which I don't care because I am not a singer. But I am an athlete, so I think the pitch has to go well, so I could have cared less that they didn't think I sang well.

Does this season feel different for the team?

Everyone has a bit of nagging anxiety. It's been more than 100 years or something, but there are a lot of fans that are excited and ready to see great things happen. I mean, look at Cleveland. Miraculous things can happen. It can be the first time that something has been done in a long time just like the Cavs winning from a 3-1 deficit for the first time in history in the NBA Finals. You've got to believe in great things.

What would it mean to you to see the Cubs win the World Series?

I have to say it would be pretty incredible to see the Cubs win the World Series.