Josh Norman says he is appealing fine for interception celebration

ByJohn Keim ESPN logo
Thursday, October 6, 2016

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman's celebration cost his team 15 yards Sunday. It's about to cost him a lot more financially.

Norman said the league has fined him $10,000 for shooting an imaginary bow and arrow to celebrate his fourth quarter interception in Sunday's win over the Cleveland Browns. He said he is appealing the fine.

It's the second consecutive week the NFL has fined Norman. He was fined $48,620 for a hit on New York Giants receiver Sterling Shepard in Week 3, leading to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Last year, Norman was fined $26,044 for two separate incidents in his matchup against Giants receiverOdell Beckham Jr.

Norman was penalized 15 yards for his celebratory act Sunday, when he ran near the sideline to "shoot" the bow and arrow. He said after the game he had been warned about doing it before a previous game. But, Norman said, because it was a different officiating crew, he thought he'd get a warning first instead of a flag.

"I have my speech on it and we'll see what happens," Norman said. "I hope and pray they eliminate the $10,000 fine. That was too much. At the same time we'll see how it goes and whatever the outcome is, I respect it and I respect the league and what they're trying to do.

"It's hard but it's fair. It's one of those things when you're the hunted you have to continue to rise above it all."

Still, Norman said he doesn't understand why it was a penalty. And he's now looking for new ways to celebrate big plays.

"I don't get it," he said. "I might have to ask fans what can I do next if they take that away from me."

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