Rex Ryan says Bills 'expected to win' with Tom Brady out for Pats

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- After the Buffalo Bills' 16-0 win Sunday over the New England Patriots, Bills coach Rex Ryan said he "expected" to win because Tom Brady was serving the final game of his four-game suspension.

"It's satisfying, but let's face it, they had a player out," Ryan said, referring to the Patriots' quarterback. "They had a player out, and we had our team, so we expected to win."

The Bills (2-2) held rookie quarterback Jacoby Brissett to 17-of-27 passing for 205 yards and an 86.2 rating. Brissett (thumb) and Jimmy Garoppolo (shoulder) were listed as questionable on the Patriots' final injury report, and the Patriots didn't announce their starter until Sunday. But Ryan repeated his statement from Wednesday that he knew in advance who would start for New England.

"My sources inside the New England Patriot building said that Jacoby Brissett would be the quarterback," Ryan said after Sunday's game. "How about that? I'll stir some stuff up. Who was it? Who was it? I don't know who it was."

At Ryan's news conference Wednesday, the Bills' coach impersonated Bill Belichick, and as Ryan began his postgame news conference Sunday, he again imitated the style of the Patriots' coach. In a dull tone, Ryan said, "On to L.A., I guess," making reference to Belichick's memorable "On to Cincinnati" remark in 2014. The Bills travel to play the Los Angeles Rams next weekend.

Ryan also brought a Clemson hat to his postgame news conference Sunday, placing it on the podium as he spoke. Ryan's son, Seth, plays for Clemson.

"That was as good of a weekend as you can have," Ryan said, referring to his team's victory and undefeated Clemson's 42-36 win Saturday over Louisville.

Prior to kickoff Sunday, Bills defensive backs and Patriots receivers were involved in an altercation during warm-ups that was quickly extinguished by coaches. Bills safety Robert Blanton and Patriots wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell were among those initially scuffling.

"We were out there doing our normal game routine, warming up as DBs, and a couple of Patriots guys ran through our DBs drills," Blanton said after the game. "I told him, 'Hey, don't run through our DB drills. Can you run on the sideline? It's disrespectful and you can get somebody hurt,' because DBs were backpedaling and stuff. And they decided to run through our DB drill again."

Patriots president Jonathan Kraft commented on the fight minutes later to 98.5 The Sports Hub, saying, "I think if you are less-than-disciplined in your personal approach, your team takes on the attitude of the coach. ... My guess is Rex [Ryan] probably loves that. ... Why Rex is Rex and Bill [Belichick] is Bill."

In response to Kraft's comments, Blanton said, "We have a disciplined team. I think it's clear today we also had the better team."

However, Ryan agreed with Kraft, saying, "I think so too. They probably weren't as disciplined as they should be. I think that's probably what happened."

Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett was not on the field during the altercation but would have intervened if he was nearby.

"I don't let that s--- happen. ... That's who they are," he said after the game.

ESPN's Mike Reiss contributed to this report.

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