Taste of Chicago, Crosstown Classic drawing big crowds

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Taste of Chicago and the Crosstown Classic pitting the White Sox against the Cubs at Wrigley Field are both drawing big crowds this weekend.

As the Crosstown Classic continues, fans of both teams were ready for another exciting game Saturday, no matter which team they were cheering for.

Coworkers and friends Eric Mitchell and Cedric Stewart came together, but planned to cheer very differently.

"See all the people around, everyone is getting along, there is no beef between us," Mitchell said.

"It's a Chicago tradition," Stewart said. "It's deeply rooted, the Crosstown Classic. In order to experience Chicago you gotta experience it."

They plan to make the most of all the happenings across town.

"You got the West Fest, which we plan to hit later, you've got the Taste of Chicago going on," Mitchell said.

The 35th annual food fest in downtown Chicago is in full swing. With hundreds of vendors, thousands of people and free live music, the deliciousness is hard to resist.

"My favorite part this year has been the gelatos, the frozen treats have just been wonderful," said Betty R. Clawson.

The festival also attracts many out-of-towners.

"Now I'm going to have some grilled cheese, maybe some ribs, maybe some corn, whatever else happens," said Larry Rukin, in from New York.

ABC7 will broadcast the final game of the Crosstown Classic series on Sunday. The pre-game show begins at 1 p.m. with Mark Giangreco. The game begins at 1:20 p.m.

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