How supply chain issues are impacting small breweries; what that means for you favorite craft beers

Friday, December 3, 2021
Supply chain issues impact breweries amid can shortage
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Consumers might see higher craft beer prices and fewer small brands on shelves as breweries feel the impact of supply chain issues.

WATERLOO, Iowa -- Your favorite craft beer might be getting harder to find, as well as more expensive. That's because the demand for such drinks is outpacing the supply of cans.

It's especially a problem for small operations, like Single Speed Brewing in northeast Iowa, KCRG reported.

Owner Dave Morgan said the company that supplies and labels his cans is raising the minimum order, and that he doesn't produce enough of his smaller-brand beers to hit the new threshold.

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Now, Morgan said he's looking into getting cans from one company and labels from another. Either way, he said consumers might see higher craft beer prices and fewer small brands on shelves.

A supply chain expert at the University of Northern Iowa is offering some hope.

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He said pandemic to-go orders cut into the supply of cans, so the problem should ease up when more people venture out.