Suspect's pants fall down twice as she runs from police

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- A female suspect was arrested during a foot chase in Georgia after her pants fell down twice - and it was all caught on video.

It all started when a Toyota Camry, with owner Dayana Maldonado at the wheel, took off at a high rate, surprising the Norcross officer, WSB reports.

The chase was relatively short, partly because Maldonado turned down a dead end road and busted through the gated entrance of a bus facility. But it was partly because once she was out of her car and ran, her pants simply wouldn't stay up. Dashcam video provided by Gwinnett County authorities shows her falling, not once, but twice as she tried to get away.

As police put her into handcuffs, she was none too pleased about capture, or the mechanics taking her picture after she fell at their doorstep.

Police say Maldonado was wanted for burglary, criminal damage and possession of meth.

She remains in jail held without bond. Police said the only things hurt were Maldonado's pride and the scrapes she suffered during one of her falls.

There were two other people in that car. They stayed in the car, did not run and were not charged.