Taylor Swift surprises 96-year-old World War II veteran

NEW MADRID, Mo. -- A World War II veteran from New Madrid, Missouri, got the surprise of a lifetime on Monday, December 26.

Cyrus Porter loves music but his favorite artist might just surprise you - it's Taylor Swift.

Swift found out about Porter so decided to pay him a visit. She showed up at Porter's house on Monday to meet and celebrate with Porter and his family. Swift even picked up a guitar and played her hit song "Shake it off" just for Porter.

Porter told KFVS he feels like he is known mostly for two things. Porter said he has been to multiple concerts to see the pop star, driving to both Memphis and St. Louis to see her in concert.

For him, the most memorable moment from the concert was when he saw the wristbands that were given out all light up at once.

He went to both concerts with one of his daughters and two of his grandchildren. Porter and his wife have more than 50 grandchildren and great-grand-children. They took him to both of the concerts because they knew he loved the music.

This time the concert came to his home. When asked if there's anything else besides Taylor Swift that he's really into, Porter said nothing comes close.

Porter was diagnosed with cancer this year and he has a goal of seeing Taylor Swift again in concert during her next tour, something he feels he has a high chance of achieving.