Capital murder suspect, 2nd man arrested after allegedly carjacking woman as she came home from work in Texas

HOUSTON, Texas -- A suspect who was out on bond for capital murder is back behind bars after police say he and another man pistol-whipped a woman and carjacked her as she returned home from work.

Horace Marquese Harris, 20, and Marqui Lamon Davis, 20, were arrested.

Harris was out on bond on the capital murder charge dating back to 2017, while Davis has prior robbery convictions.

The carjacking happened around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday in northwest Houston.

Authorities said the woman was coming home from work when the two men pistol-whipped her and stole her Jeep.

The victim's daughter, Samantha Mora, said she heard her mother's cries for help and even recorded part of the crime.

"I knew something was wrong, and I just heard the door slam and my mama was like, 'Sam!'" Mora said.

The video Mora captured is dark, but you can make out one of the suspects behind the wheel of the victim's car, trying to get it started.

Mora rushed from her bedroom to see her mother with cuts to her head and hands. She said her mom was pistol-whipped when she fought back, and at one point, Harris and Davis talked about killing her.

"They both had a gun and they kept yelling, 'Kill her, kill her, shove her in the back of the car,'" Mora told ABC News. "My mom has his teeth marks on her hand, because she was trying to fight them off. So as soon as she pushed them, and I guess they were off guard, she ran to the door and she shoved it."

Mora said she and her family have seen the suspects before and believe they live nearby.

Harris and Davis then drove off, but the victim had a GPS tracker in her car.

She gave HPD turn-by-turn updates as officers chased the vehicle for 10 miles until it crashed into a tree.

Harris jumped out of the Jeep after the crash. Police said he tripped, fell and started to reach into his pocket, but when officers held him down, he complied.

Police found a pistol in his right front pocket.

Davis, who was the driver, ran north across the bayou. He was found hiding under a horse trailer by a K9 who bit him. Davis was also armed with a pistol, which police say was stolen in a burglary a couple of months ago.

During the chase, two HPD vehicles were involved in a minor crash. One of their SUVs crashed into a used car dealership.

No officers were hurt.

HPD Chief Art Acevedo tweeted about the suspects and how they are a danger to the community.

"One was a capital murder suspect free on bond to victimize us & the other has two prior robbery convictions. Our community deserves better than revolving door justice for violent criminals," Acevedo said.

Harris and Davis will be charged with aggravated robbery.

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