'Bachelorette' Tayshia referees feud between Ed and Chasen

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Ed and Chasen fight over whether he's there for 'the right reasons' on 'The Bachelorette'
Tayshia tries to navigate the feud between Ed and Chasen on "The Bachelorette."

NEW YORK -- The men were excited to see Tayshia again after their first night getting to know her. Things didn't stay friendly between the men for long this episode.

First Group Date

Tayshia brought Ben, Demar, Chasen, Bennett, Ivan, Ed, and Joe on the "Grown Man Challenge" hosted by Ashley I. and Jared. Bennett thought that he would have a great chance at it, due to his Harvard degree. Interestingly enough, Bennet got the math question and spelling question wrong, which amused everyone.

Next, they did some physical challenges but Bennett couldn't do it because he had an old football injury. Lastly, they had a breakfast in bed challenge where the men had to cook for her. Chasen didn't make her anything but showed up shirtless. Bennett made her a fancy breakfast that was boujee and she appreciated that.

The award for "Man-child" went to Ed and he had to carry around a crying robot baby as long as Tayshia wanted him to. It was funny! Tayshia said she was proud of him for toting the baby around and being a good sport. Bennett won the "Grown Man Award" and laid a huge kiss on Tayshia in front of everyone.

First Group Date Cocktail Party

At the cocktail party, Bennett showed up in his robe and the guys told him it was cringy earlier when he kissed Tayshia in front of them. He asked Tayshia to go talk and she was like, "Oh, can I say hello first?" Then after her "Hello" Chasen jumped in and asked Tayshia to go talk and cut Bennett off. He was a bit put off by that.

She had a great talk with Ben and they ended their chat with a kiss. Tayshia said, "I like that boy." Ivan and Tayshia also connected and had many things in common. She found him to be subtle yet have a lot of power. He fed her strawberries and the kissed her while she was blindfolded. "Today has been nothing short of amazing," she said.

Bennett said that he and Ed found Chasen to be "not that into Tayshia." Chasen said that it's been a little hard to pivot after Clare, and the guys were like "Oh come on." They find him to be fake and "not there for the right reasons." We've got some right reasons policing going on here. Usually, that doesn't end well for the accusers, but we'll see what Tayshia does with this.

Ed used his time with Tayshia to dredge up doubt on Chasen. "What was his response?" Tayshia asked Ed. "He just called my legs 'chicken legs,'" Ed said. Ed was forthcoming to Chasen that he brought up his behavior to Tayshia. Chasen did his best to defend himself. He told her that it was "ridiculous" and he felt "insulted." He went back and confronted Ed and got in his face. Ed said, "I'm holding a baby." It's a robot baby, but ok. Tayshia did a lap around the resort as she listened to the guys argue. She walked back up to the group of men and told them that the group date rose would go to Ivan. Ben was let down that he didn't get it.

Cocktail Party before Rose Ceremony

Chasen kept talking about how he was going to be the "Wolverine" and ask for the men to respect him. He apologized for using the same adjective to describe Clare and Tayshia...and it was smokeshow. Nothing to brag about. Tayshia came out and said she was excited to talk to the men, but that if they have another agenda, she's the wrong girl to try that with.

Tayshia and Ben had another moment where he was very sensitive to the fact that she's going through a lot with trying to figure out who is genuine. He seemed very genuine and said the worst part of his day so far was that he didn't get to kiss her yet, and kissed her. She found him to be sensitive, sweet, and said she feels chemistry with him.

She and Joe shared some food, she shared a Popsicle with Spencer, and Bennet took her on a mini European vacation with a cardboard Eiffel Tower. Demar read her a poem he wrote. Ed used more of his time to talk about Chasen. Tayshia pulled Chasen aside and told him that what she's hearing is making her uneasy. Chasen pulled Ed aside after his talk with her and apologized. Ed wouldn't let him apologize and Zac told them to knock it off.

Zac got some time to talk with Tayshia, they talked about how he's 36, and he is ready to move on with his life. He wants to get married and have a family. She likes that he's older and has a good view on life.

Rose Ceremony

1) Eazy (last week's group date)

2) Brendan (last week's one-on-one)

3) Ivan (this week's group date)

4) Zac

5) Riley

6) Kenny

7) Ben

8) Demar

9) Bennett

10) Spencer

11) Jordan

12) Noah

13) Joe

14) Blake

15) Ed

16) Chasen

To everyone's shock and horror, Tayshia gave the final rose to Chasen. He gave the toast to "new beginnings."

Wrestling Group Date

The group date card read, "Eazy, Brendan, Joe, Jordan, Spencer, Ben, Ed, Chasen, I'm looking for my perfect match." Tayshia took them for a wrestling, UFC, date where they were trained by four-time Women's Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Amy Dumas and current undefeated UFC fighter Tatiana Suarez. Wells Adams from "Bachelor in Paradise" joined Chris Harrison to do some play-by-play of the competition.

Can anyone guess what happened here? There's a reason Ed and Chasen were put on this date together. Ed has chronically dislocating shoulders so he told Chris Harrison he's going to step back. Chasen said Ed must be "super scared." Noah jumped the fence to compete (the other guys not on the date officially were there to cheer and watch the matches). Chasen and Noah got into it! It got down to the referee's decision and they decided that Chasen had beaten Noah and won the whole night.

Group Date After Party

Chasen put his big championship belt on the table and said they were "all champions" in a show of good faith. The guys on the date were annoyed that Noah was invited to join them that evening for taking part in the wrestling match earlier. "What did you think when I hopped the fence?" Noah asked her. He talked about not wanting to waste either of their time and she said, "Noah, there is one thing..." She asked him if he would shave his mustache. "Let's get that done," Tayshia said. Thank you, Tayshia. Thank you for saying what we've all been thinking.

Brendan told Tayshia that he is really loving their time together and she grabbed him and kissed him. She's definitely smitten with him! Ben sat back and waited for his moment. Meantime, Noah came back with a razor for Tayshia to shave off his mustache. She loved it! I think he looks even more handsome now. In the end, Ben waited too long. She sat down to give out the group date rose, and he asked for time to talk and she said, "Ben, the night is over." She said she wants a man who is going to fight for time with her. Noah got the group date rose! Poor Ben. They set Noah up as a villain for next week and Tayshia tells them she doesn't want anyone there who is starting drama.

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