'The Bachelorette' Clare Crawley gets drama and love at first sight on night 1

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020
'Bachelorette' Clare meets Dale for the first time
Clare Crawley meets Dale Moss on ABC's "The Bachelorette."

NEW YORK -- Clare Crawley began her journey as "The Bachelorette" and in the first few minutes of the show, it previewed a crazy turn of events. We still don't know what happens, but let's hope we can figure it out soon. "Congratulations, you just blew up 'The Bachelorette,'" Chris Harrison said to Clare. OK, just what does that mean?!

Chris Harrison welcomed viewers to the show by explaining how this season will be different because the show needed to quarantine the contestants and all taking part to keep it COVID-19 free. They are all at the La Quinta Resort & Club at the base of the Santa Rosa Mountains in the city of La Quinta, California and that's where the entire season will take place.

They showed the guys getting coronavirus tested and quarantining in their hotel rooms. What you can take away from the introductions, Bennet went to Harvard, Yosef has a daughter, Ben is a military guy, Eazy is a former football player who turned sports agent and he's got a ton of energy, and that was just a few of the men they showed off. Once all the guys got their negative tests back they showed the men ripping off their face masks and jumping into the pool. Be free! Rip off your shirts, I mean masks... Now that they are tested and in a controlled environment where all are secluded and COVID-free it will almost look like a normal season...almost.

WATCH: Clare previews her journey as "The Bachelorette"

Clare is 39, been through a lot, and she says she's not settling for anything. She has a special DVD left by her father who passed away that she will watch with the man she wants to marry. Her mother is in a care facility because she has Alzheimer's. Let's hope that Clare can find someone who will love her as fiercely and as dedicated as she deserves. She says she's going to pick her husband out the second she meets him...we'll see! Bring on the LIMOS!

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1) Ben, 29, and Army ranger told her she looked beautiful and asked if they could do a deep breath together.

2) Riley, 30, is an attorney and he said that in his job a jury would "find her guilty as charged for looking beautiful in this dress."

3) Zac C., 26, is an addiction specialist and said "Hello, playa" and he told her that he's happy that both of them didn't settle and he's ready to get the party started.

4) Jordan M., 30, is a cybersecurity engineer and he was super nervous. He said that in case Clare is thirsty, he's a "tall drink of water."

5) Jason, 31, is a former pro football lineman, he came out in a sympathy belly and said it shows the labor of his love for her and he's willing to hold the weight of their relationship. It was a throwback to her limo introduction with Juan Pablo.

6) Ivan, 28, is an aeronautical engineer. He told Clare she's very beautiful in his mother's native language from the Philippines.

7) Kenny, 39, is a boy band manager (um, which one Kenny, don't hold out on us) and he had a shirt with her dogs on them under his suit.

8) Brendan, 30, is a commercial roofer and he wore a bow tie...

9) Mike, 38, is a digital marketing manager, he brought her some jeweled flip flops in case her feet get tired from wearing heels.

10) Jeremy, 40, is a banker who says he's there for her.

11) Blake Monar, 31, is a male grooming specialist and said he's happy she's there.

12) Tyler, 27, is a lawyer packed up his whole life and put it in a station wagon to meet her and he straight up said he wants kids and dog. It was very Clark Griswold.

13) Meantime in a Rolls Royce, Bennet, 36, who works in wealth management systems, reminded everyone he's fancy and is Mr. Harvard.

14) Blake Moynes, 29, is a wildlife manager from Canada who was very nervous but he said he wants to tell her something important and he should find her inside.

15) Chris, 27, is a landscape design salesman, and he told her that he feels like waited forever for this moment.

16) AJ, 28, is a software salesman. He twirled Clare and told her that she's blinding. He said that his friends told him that he gives horrible first impressions. Then as AJ held her hands, he squeezed them so hard that he hurt her! Girlfriend is wearing rings, bro!

17) Joe, 36, is a very handsome anesthesiologist. He told her he was there to save his love life as he ran up with his stethoscope.

18) Garin, 34, is a professor of journalism and said that he was there to show her how to have some fun.

19) Robby, 31, is an insurance broker. He said to Clare that she is beautiful and can't wait to spend time with her.

20) Easy, 29, is the sports marketing agent we got a glimpse of earlier. He burst through a paper sign that said, "Your future husband." He said that she would always be his first-round draft pick.

21) Jay, 29, is a fitness director. He came out in a straitjacket because waiting to meet her has made him "a little crazy."

22) Then, her knight in shining armor showed up. It was Chasen, 31, an IT account executive.

23) Demar, 26, works as a spin cycle instructor and said he fell for her already while wearing a sky diving outfit. It would have been cooler if he had actually skydived in. Just sayin.

24) Then, in a bubble suit, Ed, 36, rolled in. He works with health care systems. Ed said he heard her journey was taking place in a bubble.

25) Yosef, 30, is a medical device salesman who brought moon pie cookies.

26) Jordan C., 26, is a software account executive who also brought a snack, popcorn.

27) Zach J., 37, is a cleaning service owner. He pulled out a ring box that had a farting butt inside of it. It was hilarious, butt really...

28) Brandon, 28, is a real estate agent and Clare noted he was the only guy that kissed Clare on the cheek! She seemed to really like him. But hold your horses...

29) Dale, 31, is a former pro football receiver who gave Clare a big hug and he talked about how wild it was to finally be there with her. Dale said he couldn't be more excited to take the journey with her. She told him he's a good hugger. "Oh my God. I knew it. I definitely feel like I just met my husband. I'm shaking," Clare said. The moment brought tears to her eyes. Chris Harrison popped out and was like WHAAAT. She told Chris that she felt everything that she hasn't felt ever. Chris Harrison said that she's the first person to ever say that during the introductions. But wait - there's another limo!

30) Page, 37, is a chef and he noted that they've both been through a lot to be there.

31) Tyler S., 36, is a music manager who thanked her for being there.

And that's it 31!

Straitjacket guy and Hand Grabber Ring Pincher guy were chatting together - seems like a room for rejects...perhaps. But let's not be too judgy.

Clare went into her first conversation with Dale with very high hopes. They spoke about their loneliness during quarantine and she revealed to him that her mom has Alzheimer's and the challenges with not being able to visit her. He told her his older sister has underlying health issues and he's dealing with the same situation where he can't visit her the way he wished he could. He told her that he loved her energy and confidence when she was announced as "The Bachelorette." Clare said she had butterflies, nervousness and she just really likes him.

Suddenly, Clare's dog ran out and all of the guys loved meeting her. It's cool she gets to have her dog there! What a happy pup!

Clare played a strong man carnival hammer smash game, had a few drinks, got a picture from one man's niece, put on the flip flops, and then played an origami board game made by the anesthesiologist. And don't worry, she got to play with the giant bubble man Jason. They shared a love of the outdoors even though she revealed she has never seen, "My Cousin Vinny." WHAT. It's a must-see if you haven't seen it.

Just when everything seemed all happy, Chris Harrison plopped down the first impression rose on a coffee table.

Yosef told Clare that he's a father and raising a daughter. He promised to be a gentleman because he wants to be a good example to his daughter. Tyler C. apparently has a secret! Oh boy. He said that he flirts with girls who know him on Instagram. So our first "Right Reasons" police officer is Tyler C.! Right away he confronted Yosef. Yosef told Tyler C. that he doesn't remember any of it. He told him there's no substance to it. Yosef called Tyler C. "Mini McConaughey." Yosef ran back to Clare and she told Tyler C. that she needed to talk to both of them. Apparently, Tyler said, "Hi, beautiful," in some girl's DMs. Clare told the guys that she will think about the situation.

Then, Clare dropped a mini bomb in that Blake Moynes contacted her before the show! He's a rule breaker! However, it came at a time where she was lonely and he was honestly just checking in on her to make sure she was okay and she really appreciated it. Then, he took another risk and went in for the kiss! He seems sweet!

Clare got up, picked up the first impression rose, and headed out over to Dale - no surprise there! A wave of disappointment fell across the other men. She told Dale that he's the one that she wants to keep talking to. He happily accepted the rose! She went in for the kiss and he was very excited that things were happening so quickly and that he was guaranteed more time with her. Dale said that he feels like they connected on "so many levels."

Chris Harrison walked in and the bad news is that she didn't talk to everyone there. The men who didn't get to talk to her are upset that Yosef and Tyler C. wasted all of the time that they could have spent talking to Clare.

Clare gave roses out to:

1) Dale (First Impression Rose)

2) Blake Moynes (Rulebreaker)

3) Eazy

4) Ben

5) Riley

6) Zack J.

7) Tyler S.

8) Joe - the anesthesiologist

9) Jason

10) Demar

11) Chasen

12) Jordan C.

13) Blake Monar

14) Kenny

15) Brendan

16) Garin

17) Ed

18) Bennett

19) Zac C.

20) Jay - In the straitjacket (I mean, dude! Take it off!)

21) Brandon

22) Ivan

23) Yosef - squeezed out Tyler C. in the end.

All of the men said a gracious goodbye, even Tyler C. He felt that there was potential, but then he brought another man into their relationship - never a good move. Why do these guys stay so clueless? They should look back at what never works from past seasons! Do your homework men!

Coming up this season, there will be kissing, crying, and nakedness. The preview shows Clare telling Dale that she thinks about him when she falls asleep and first thing when she wakes up in the morning. But, then the rest of the men grow suspicious and say Dale is a villain and he isn't who Clare thinks he is. There's a big breakdown and they say they expected more from the "oldest Bachelorette," so we don't know how she blows up the show, but she does apparently, and she might even leave! Cue the limo - but who steps out?

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