'The Bachelorette' Kaitlyn kisses nearly all the guys, has a confrontation with one

ByJennifer Matarese WLS logo
Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NEW YORK -- Now that Kaitlyn is "The Bachelorette" and narrowed the field a bit, this week she gets a little help from comedian Amy Schumer as the guys duke it out on another date. The episode started off with Chris Harrison stopping by Kaitlyn's place to talk about how things are going this early on in the process. Kaitlyn said that she is "so lucky" to be "The Bachelorette" because she could see this all working.

Meantime, Britt is in her hotel room and they show her making the call to her mom to tell her that she didn't get picked to be "The Bachelorette" and she will be headed home. She cried that she didn't get to say goodbye to anyone. Then, there was a knock at the door. Guess who? It's Brady! He's the 33-year-old singer-songwriter from Nashville, TN. He left when he found out "The Bachelorette" was Kaitlyn.

Back at the guys' house, Chris Harrison tells them that there are two group dates and one one-on-one date. The first date card said, "Daniel, Justin, Jared, Corey, Tanner, Kupah, Ben H, and Ben Z: I see this ending with a ring." The guys loaded up into a limo and headed out to meet Kaitlyn.

They show up at a huge warehouse and learn that they are going to be learning some boxing techniques and spar each other with Laila Ali! Kaitlyn got in some workout time with the guys individually while they broke off into groups. Kaitlyn said that all the guys were paying attention to her except for Kupah! He was in his own world working out and Kaitlyn said she almost forgot he was on the date! Tanner said that he's never been in a fight and now his first fight is on national television. Let's hope no one get hurt!

Kaitlyn told the guys, "Please don't hurt each other, good luck!" Ben Z. faced off against Daniel. It was a pretty even match but Ben Z. was going crazy! The refs threw the towel in for Daniel. The other guys were fighting too, but they didn't show who won some of the rounds! Kupah won his round, but then lost in a surprise to Jared! Then it was Jared vs. Ben Z. Ben Z. had a HUGE punch right to Jared's head and Jared went down hard! His legs buckled beneath him! I really felt for the guy! Kaitlyn said that she felt bad that he seemed to be hurt.

Back inside the warehouse, Jared said that he was OK, but his head was killing him. The doctor said that he had to go to the hospital because his eyes weren't responding to the light properly. Ben Z. apologized to Kaitlyn for injuring Jared and she said of course he didn't mean to. She said in an interview that he's a "big hunk of meat". They had a meaningful talk about his mom's death when he was just 14. They really seemed to have a connection.

Kaitlyn spoke to a lot of the guys and she had to pick one to give the date rose to. A note arrived while she was talking to Daniel and it threw her for a loop and she ended her conversation with him to investigate. The note said, "Come downstairs right now, I need to see you." She walked outside and it was Jared! He asked her to take a walk and he told her that she's doing just fine, fine enough for a kiss! She kissed him!

Another date card arrived to the house and it read, "Clint, you take my breath away." He got the one-on-one! He's really excited about it and the rest of the guys were insanely jealous!

Kaitlyn told the guys that she's so lucky to have all of them on the group date, but she had to give the rose to someone. She said it was just going off the conversation she had that night and she pulled Ben Z. to the side. The rest of the guys were really upset because they thought they had great conversations too! Ben Z. accepted the rose and they shared a very intimate kiss.

Clint and Kaitlyn took a drive on the beginning of their date. He's the guy who drew the picture of Chris Harrison riding a triceratops! Kaitlyn said she had it hanging up inside her place. Kaitlyn told him that they were going to do an underwater photo shoot! They got dressed up and prepared to do their shoot.

Back at the house, Tony talked about how the boxing date was awful and that hitting and fighting for attention is just wrong. Love is not something you fight for, it's about "being present and the connection." He said it was "perennial as the grass."

Meantime, Kaitlyn and Clint jumped into the pool dressed up in formal wear. Kaitlyn said that she doesn't like being in the water not plugging her nose. Kaitlyn tried to look her most glamorous while Clint's eyes were SO wide open in most of the pictures. The best ones were the kissing pictures. They looked so romantic! I want to know what makeup Kaitlyn had on that was THAT waterproof! It looked perfect the whole time. Once the shoot was done, they sipped some champagne poolside.

The last date card arrived and it said, "JJ, Jonathan, Joshua, Chris, Ian, Joe, and Tony: I am looking for a man that will stand up for me." They all started to guess that it was a stand-up comedy date. Later, Tony talked about how he needed to "keep it real" to see if she could be open and supportive enough to him. He even mixed up Britt and Kaitlyn's names while talking to one of the guys.

Kaitlyn and Clint had a rooftop dinner after their photo shoot. Kaitlyn told him right away that he seems, "like the kind of guy that she would go for." He really seemed to like her a lot. He told her that she took his breath away! She offered him the date rose and he said "yes"! She said that he brings a romantic side out of her which can be really hard to do. She said it might be the best first date she's ever had in her life.

Amy Schumer showed up to help Kaitlyn on her stand-up comedy group date. Amy said that she's a huge fan, and Kaitlyn joked to her that she's already kissed everyone. Well she has pretty much! She asked Kaitlyn if she could hook-up with like two of the guys. She added that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Kaitlyn already!

JJ is excited for the date because he said he's secretly wanted to do improv. The guys were pretty excited to see that Amy Schumer was on their date! She told Kaitlyn that the guys were really hot! Amy added that this date would be an "absolute massacre". They told Amy some boring jokes and it was awful! Amy brought in a team of three other headlining female comedians.

They sat down with some pads of paper and the professionals tried to help the guys. "Does any funny stuff happen when you weld?" That's hilarious in itself. Poor Joshua, hopefully the welder can get some material together. The dentist should have a bunch of material, they even pointed out that he was wearing a toothpaste colored shirt. Amy Schumer said that JJ was missing charisma, intelligence, humility, and a sense of humor. She called him a "turd"!

Before you knew it, it was time for the guys to do their acts. Amy Schumer warmed up the crowd. The best joke was, "I feel like I'm at Thanksgiving, I'm already eyeing up all the leftovers." HA! Chris was really funny! He even unbuttoned his shirt! It was a cute act. The other guys were cheesy as predicted. Tony though, he's special. He just stared talking about his experiences in life and how he's so sensitive. The only funny thing was that he said he was "half tanked" as he was on stage. What a train wreck! Then of course we had to see JJ for a hot second, but I wanted to hear his act! He talked a big game! Oh well!

The group date guys and Kaitlyn had drinks and she thanked them for putting themselves out there, because doing stand-up in front of a group of people is not easy! Tony continued his weirdness with the guys and Kaitlyn. He told Kaitlyn that he did vote for Britt, but he wants to invest everything he has into a relationship with her and that "she's like a combination lock and not a turnkey". He says, "there is gold inside."

There was a knock at the door and no one was there! Turns out it was the guys playing a joke on Justin! The rest of them think he's kind of an idiot, poor Justin.

JJ talked to Kaitlyn about his 3-year-old daughter and how she will be starting school. Kaitlyn said that she's very attracted to him when he talks about his daughter because it's a beautiful thing to see how much he loves her. He used the opportunity to kiss Kaitlyn and JJ said that it was a great kiss. We'll see if Kaitlyn thinks so! The date rose was on the table and the guys were all going for it. Joe kissed her outside too! Kaitlyn said it was a hot kiss. She really is kissing EVERYONE! He said, "Well I'll be!" Kaitlyn said she thought that was something they just said in the movies and not in real life. He added that even if she wasn't "The Bachelorette" he would try to find a way to still pursue her. Kaitlyn picked up the date rose and she gave it to JJ! I was shocked that Joe didn't get it! If Joe cut his hair a little bit and it wasn't so tall, I think he would look better.

JJ did the jerk move at the cocktail party and stole Kaitlyn away right off the bat. He already has a rose! He's being very cocky and arrogant. Tony called him out right away for being a jerk, he really does see people for who they are. JJ came back into the room and said to the guys "sorry, not sorry." He told them he wanted to remind her "what husband material is." Kupah argued with JJ about his actions.

Ian told Kaitlyn all about his injury when he got hit by a car and how it derailed his dreams for a while. He shared how he got his life back on track and how he knows he can do anything he puts his mind to. Kaitlyn said that he's one of the most compassionate people that she's ever met. They, of course, shared a kiss. He says that the potential for love is there. I like him, he's so sweet!

Tony started yelling to the guys about respect and how JJ is not respectful of the other guys there.

Meantime, Kupah said that he doesn't want to be the minority guy to fill the "quota". Yikes. He told Kaitlyn that he hasn't seen much from her and they haven't connected much. She told him that he didn't notice her. She said that she was going to talk to him about the same thing. He said that he wasn't really into the boxing, and Kaitlyn was like, what?! You seemed totally into it. He said that he felt like she was looking all around the room when they were talking after there were two bachelorettes. Kaitlyn said that she kept him around because she thought that they had something in common as far as their connection about music. He said that he thought that she was a real person last season, but now things are difficult. She told him that he's not giving it a chance and she had felt a connection up until right now and she feels like they are on different pages. She said that she had felt a connection with him and now she doesn't anymore. He tried complimenting her on her looks and saying that he wants to stay. She said that she needs to think about everything because she's just not sure now.

She sat there and heard Kupah talking to the other guys about their conversation together. He said, "She wasn't even looking at me and she was looking down." OH boy, then Kaitlyn rushed over and said she needed to talk to him. She said that she has to let him go and he said, "That's *Bleep*" She said, yes it is, but you have to go. He said he doesn't want to go and it's not bad and Kaitlyn said, "It's bad!" He's putting up such a fight, but dude! Her mind is made up! She told him he could go now instead of waiting through a rose ceremony. He said "Good luck" and then walked off with his drink.

Then, Kupah started screaming at the crew. He said, "Ask me the questions, and leave me." TO BE CONTINUED! They did not show the rose ceremony yet. Meantime, Brady and Britt are heating up! They have seen each other every day since their time at the hotel. Brady asks her "Will you be my girl?" She said, "Yes!" So now Brady is her boyfriend!